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About Us

 Welcome to Sno-Valley Auto Detail, where we strive to provide exceptional service with high attention to detail.



We are a premiere automotive care business catering, but not limited to, the Snoqualmie Valley & East side of King County.​


Don't feel like dealing with the hassle of arranging to deliver your vehicle? We offer pick up & return delivery service to make things easier for you!


When you purchase a vehicle you're making an investment, let us care for your asset from the beginning of your ownership.

Just as you maintain the engine, drive-train and other mechanical components, it's important you care for the exterior and interior as well, to preserve its value. 

Brand new vehicles come into and leave the dealership with imperfections and blemishes.

Properly correcting, protecting and maintaining your vehicle produces extremely rewarding results while retaining value & ensuring longevity.


Let us take full care of your ride, whether you're getting it ready for sale, needing a quick once over to keep things shining or would like to bring some life back to your paint, we've got you covered.

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