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Ceramic Coating


We use GTechniq Smart Surface Science for all of our ceramic coatings.

Founded in 2001 GTechniq has been specializing in the ceramic coating industry for over 20 years.

Benefits of ceramic coating include:

  • Extreme, deep, captivating gloss

  • Repels dirt & contaminates from bonding to surfaces thus maintenance is highly more effective

  • Resistance against stains, light scratches and micro-marring

  • Protection from UV rays, & temperature regulation 

  • Increased longevity in appearance 

  • Up to 5 years of durability when using GTechniq CSL



Utilizing GTechniqs full line up, we offer Crystal Serum Light for paint protection, C4 Permanent Trim Restorer on plastics & trim, C5 Wheel Armor for wheel & caliper protection and Clearvision Smart Glass for all glass.


Ceramic coating your vehicle provides amazing shine and vibrance in the summer weather, but also keeps it protected from the harsh elements of winter. Enhance your visibility with Smart Vision protected glass for the rainy winter months.


The best part of ceramic coating your vehicle is that it makes maintenance cleanings a breeze! When properly kept, a ceramic coated vehicle will not only be effectively more easier to clean, but will also look just as good as the day it was polished and coated. 


To schedule a ceramic coating for your vehicle, you may choose to add it on when selecting either a paint enhancement or paint correction service .


All painted surfaces, headlights / fog lights / brake lights are coated as a standard on all vehicles receiving coatings.


Additional surfaces can be coated as well, such as:

  • Exterior Glass - Windshield Only - 100 (+150 for all glass)

  • Wheel Faces - 250 (+ 200 for wheel barrels) 

  • Brake Calipers - 175

  • Door Jambs - 250

  • Plastic Trim - 200

   *Add Misc. Suspension/Interior surfaces/etc. - inquire

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